Transform Finance and HR with Oracle AI, Automation and Insight

Sphere Consulting is delighted to be one of the Sponsors for Oracle Event” Transform Finance and HR with Oracle AI, Automation and Insight” at the Nile Ritz Carlton.

Oracle Cloud supports a wide range of enterprise-ready applications while allowing organizations to create and run custom applications tailored toward their business processes and existing cloud environments. One of the main reasons why Oracle Cloud is a premier cloud-based ERP is its contributions to ERP solutions, which often improve business processes for:

Accounting: Oracle’s general ledger provides highly automated financial processing

Data management: Improve the adaptability and responsiveness of your master data

Project management: Foster efficiency by automating manual business processes

Autonomous database: Automate database tuning, security, backups, and tasks

Key Highlights of the event is designing invaluable strategies for navigating the dynamic landscape of Finance and HR transformation:

Strategic Alignment

Cost Optimization and Talent Management

Oracle AI for Fusion Applications

Gain crucial insights from Oracle Customers

Data Driven Decision Making

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